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Does the exterior of your home stand out in your neighborhood? Does it stand out like it needs to be painted? Bibian Painting has been a painting contractor for the past more than 29 years in Santa Monica, CA. We are experts in exterior and interior painting. Our painters are skilled in painting ornate woodwork, and the siding of homes that are in need of freshening. We are specialists in removing paint that has deteriorated over time leaving bare spots, or paint that has cracked and formed ridges.

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We are proud to have numerous return and referred customers whose home we have transferred into a bright neighborhood show piece. Many of our jobs have involved the intricate work of sanding carved wood decor items, and spots of the house where the paint is peeling. When we sand a spot we always examine it carefully before painting it. Our operating practice as a painting contractor calls for excellent preparation of the surface to be painted. Otherwise, the paint will not adhere or will become blotchy looking. We use the best grade of exterior paint on the market to ensure long lasting beauty and protection of the wood.

Renovated kitchen painted in light colors.Bibian Painting in Santa Monica, CA will paint wood trim on a brick or stone house with a special paint that is guaranteed not to run or streak on the other surfaces. Often, the wood on the underside of a soffit is damaged or cracked because of weather. We will sand this surface until it becomes smooth smooth and in the process we will look for any water that may have leaked on these boards causing the unsightly deterioration of the paint. Our painters will paint behind the eve troughs after we carefully remove them. If you by any chance want the eve troughs painted we have special paint for these as well.

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If you noticed that the caulking around your windows and doors have either disappeared or cracked and water and cold air enters your home then you definitely need to look for a reputed painting contractor within Bibian Painting. If water comes in around your windows and drips down between your walls that will cause black mold. We will scrape off the old caulking and use a high grade exterior caulking to protect the interior from water entering at the windows and doors if you decide to go ahead and use our services.

If we find nail pops, then we will replace these nails with a slightly larger diameter shank so that it holds better. It is the policy of Bibian Painting to be a detail oriented contractor and leave nothing that you wanted repaired or fixed left without our attention.

Your landscaping is also our concern while we are painting your exterior. We assure you it will be safeguarded from paint and painters. The walk ways will be protected in such way that you will not find a polka-dot anywhere. Bibian Painting will review its work plan with you so that you are aware of what we will be doing every day and every hour. Call us now at (310) 904-6847 and you will instantly get the best quote tailored around your budget.

The most beautiful residential painting inĀ Santa Monica, CA

Renovated kitchen painted in white, by Bibian Painting.In need of someone to paint your home? Though you can do this yourself, why suffer the labor and time spent with less professional results? Give Bibian Painting a call for professional residential painting services in Santa Monica, CA. Our painting company boasts one of the lowest costing professional home painting services you will ever find in Santa Monica, CA. Since we started way back, Bibian Painting has been able to work with thousands of clients and thousands of projects, each completed successfully. We are able to achieve absolute customer satisfaction through low cost painting services done within fast cutoffs. So why settle for others?

Painting your home inside and out can be very time consuming and labor intensive. The results are also not that effective for long-term care and maintenance of your humble abode. At Bibian Painting, we plan thoroughly and prepare meticulously to carry out the task in the most effective way possible. Let our team of expert staff paint your home while you sit back and relax for the day. If desired, we can send in a unit for same-day services for those who have urgent needs.

Regardless if your residential property is a mansion, apartment or condo unit or a two-story house, Bibian Painting can manage the task without difficulty. There is no big or small project for us nor a difficult or easy one. If you need painting services, we give it to you. Our prices are very affordable and difficult to match. We provide onsite quotes for fairer and preciser estimates without any hidden charges and side fees. Our quotes serve as a promise to our clients in [lm] towards are immovable and unchanged goal to impart professional residential painting services with the lowest possible rates. As a part of our company’s fundamentals, we care for all your belongings and valuables that are enveloped by the project, including windows, cables and wires, furniture, carpets and rugs, etc. We make sure no item will be damaged, accidentally painted or lost.

Reliable, fast and precise Commercial Painter

Renovated kitchen painted in green, blue and white.In need of a commercial painting company for your newly built small business or office building? For those who require professional painting services without the costly rates, Bibian Painting is the best painting company to call for. Bibian Painting delivers exceptional commercial painting in Santa Monica, CA. We provide the most economical rates possible and cater to the most time-restrained project deadlines. We’ve worked on over a thousand projects in Santa Monica, CA, and all were completed successfully with our clients highly satisfied.

Painting an ordinary home is quite a challenge, what more if you’d be painting thousand feet tall buildings or vast industrial plants from the inside out? Months of time and labor won’t suffice in bringing the most professional results. For this very reason, allow Bibian Painting carry out the responsibilities from start til completion. We have unbeatable experience and prowess when it comes to planning and preparation for such projects. We do not take any actions unit we’ve sorted out every piece of detail. Our patient planning and appropriate preparation ensures that our paint job will last for years to come. By taking the load off, you can just relax or focus on more important business matters.

Bibian Painting is well recognized for its cost-efficient rates. Our precise quotes are given before any interventions are done to ensure that no surprises, such as hidden fees and double charges, are incurred. Clients will receive only solid, professional and cost-efficient residential painting services for their houses. Our service speed is also something celebrated by our clients in Santa Monica, CA. Through arriving onsite with a thorough and well laid out plan and ample preparation, we are able to accomplish projects faster and smoother with minimal downtime for the commercial facility.

We are also accessible to clients in Santa Monica, CA whenever our expert help is needed. We have day and night units that work 7 days a week and all year long. Bibian Painting specializes in all forms of painting and use only eco-friendly and safe-to-use painting paraphernalia.

When you get a quote from Bibian Painting, you are getting a promise for top-of-the-line services that are worth every cent you pay. We strive to gain greater capacities to better serve clients with the cheapest quotes without having to affect the quality and final results of the project. Visit our company or call us today at (310) 904-6847 to find out why we a leading service provider for paint jobs in Santa Monica, CA.