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A Professional Painter Gives Helpful Tips

How to Choose a Paint Color for Your Closet  

Typically, when homeowners are choosing the colors of their home’s interior, they only think about the bigger areas like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. Since these are the rooms that others will see, it’s normal to keep your focus on them. However, your closet is also an area that you should choose a paint color for. Even if it’s not a spectacular walk-in, it will still be nice to have a good design, right? So, in order to help you choose the right shade, we have gathered some tips from a professional painter and created the following guide.

Light paint colors – If you usually pick your outfits early in the morning before you head out to work or school, you need to consider going for lighter colors. When you are going through your clothes in the early hours of the day, you will need better visibility, and if the walls of the closet are in a lighter color, it will be easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Darker paint colors – That’s a great alternative if you want to obscure the items in your closet. In other words, if your closet is well-used or in a more public place in your home and you don’t want other people to see what’s inside, go for a darker shade. This way, its contents won’t stand out brightly when the door is open.

Matching the surrounding color – You have a large walk-in? If you do, matching its color with the one of the surrounding walls of your bedroom so they blends together makes sense.

Choose your sheen – Satin or flat sheens typically look very appealing since they are forgiving and cover wall blemishes quite easily. But they also show age way quicker. In a space where everything is constantly moved around, bumped, and reorganized (especially when you do your spring clean-out), tough, higher-gloss paint will be a better fit. Additionally, it’s more reflective and it will maximize the light in your closet.

Whenever you want to repaint your closet or any other part of your home, make sure to hire an honest and reliable painter. If you are based in Santa Monica, CA and are looking for such a professional, turn to Bibian Painting. You can find out more about what we have to offer by calling (310) 904-6847.

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