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Concrete surfaces are durable and long-lasting, but even the most durable surfaces will deteriorate as time goes by and they’ll develop various imperfections. That’s why, sooner or later, they will need to be professionally repainted. Don’t worry since Bibian Painting is always ready to assist you! We’re a trusted and highly-rated commercial painter in Santa Monica, CA, and one of our specialties is commercial painting. Book an appointment with our team today!

Excellent Preparation Work

When it comes to painting concrete surfaces, our team uses tried-and-tested painting techniques and methods. We definitely pay attention to the details and we use our knowledge and skills to help our customers achieve the desired results and impress their clients and business partners. We begin our work by carefully removing any residual paint and cleaning the surface thoroughly. Then, we’ll apply a primer to the surfaces to be painted and mix the paint properly. After that, we’ll apply the paint carefully, making sure we use the right tools and techniques to ensure flawless color application and efficient workmanship. Once the paint is dry, we’ll remove the tape and other blemishes and cover any air bubbles or uneven streaks. We’ll also perform a final inspection to see if our work meets our customers’ satisfaction.

Competent Painters

Our commercial painting services are popular among our customers because we have access to top-notch painting equipment and the finest painting products. We also have well-experienced and well-trained painters that will help you bring your ideas to life and ensure that your project will be handled according to preferences and budget requirements. With our assistance, you’re assured that your project will be completed in a timely fashion and that you’ll have beautiful results that will make a lasting impression.

Call Bibian Painting in Santa Monica, CA if you’re looking for a reliable commercial painter. We’re happy to assist you! Contact us today at (310) 904-6847!

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