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How to Prepare for an Interior Painting Project at Home  

If you plan to refresh the inner surfaces of your house, you must make sure the task is handled properly. How you manage this project from the beginning will affect the results. After deciding on a new tint for the walls and hiring a dependable painter, it’s time to prepare the place for the task.

How do you do it properly?

First Step

Remove your belongings first. You don’t want them to get stained or spilled with fresh paint. It includes photo frames, clocks, wall decorations, artwork, curtains, indoor plants, cushions, books, magazines, electronics, vases, and figurines. Take them to a safer area on your property where they will not get damaged.

Second Step

Next, it’s time to take care of the floor, trim, doors, windows, knobs, switches, fixtures, and furniture. You’ll need some plastic sheeting, drop cloths, and newspapers for this part. Wrap them around the components of your house and make sure you seal them well. Grab your carpets and roll them up. Set them aside for now.

Third Step

After protecting the parts of your home, don’t overlook washing away the grime, spots, stains, dirt, marks, and cobwebs on the surfaces. Repair any dents, punctures, and scratches too. It will help you get flawless finishes at the end of the project. You can ask your painter for assistance.

Fourth Step

Finally, make sure the area is clear of pets and children. They should stay away from the worksite because they will be curious about the tools, paint, and strangers on your property. Avoid mishaps and accidents by letting your friend watch over your youngsters and fur babies until the project is complete.

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